Fontaine the new MW Champ!!

Our boy Chris Fontaine did what many believed to be impossible to do, he Ko`ed Vignault and brought the belt home! Thx to everyone that helped him on his preparation for this Fight, the kid trained for 2 hard months 3 times a day just to prove everyone wrong!Many thanks to Giuseppe Denatale, Joe Doerksen, Big Cris, Lance and many others for the help. Rodrigo Munduruca

It was the first time i've seen Fontaine fight but i had heard lot's of good things about him. He was very impressive, congrats on the big win!!!

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Congrats to Chris. He fought tough and pulled out the win. Vigneault's nose was messed up bad.




Congrats Chris.

Rod also put Fontaine on his shoulders after the match, officially creating the world's tallest creature for a few seconds there...

Congrats ;)

congrats chris! Ive said it before, that guy is a terminator!

good job fontaine

Sweet knee combos!!

Congratulations, Fontaine. Everyone here in Winnipeg is very proud of you.

Party next weekend!!

Joe Doerksen

Congratulations Chris

I watched you fight at WWF 5 last summer in Winfield, BC. I shot some intense footage of that fight. You have definitely been training and fighting hard....great work.

Hey guys,

You told us Fontaine has heavy hands but you didn't mentioned those freaking knees!!! All I can say is wow!!! Chris is a great athlete and is going to make a great Canadian MW Champ.

TTT for Chris Fontaine.

congratulations Fontaine, cant wait to help you prep for the next one, i will be training with a champ, awsome.

fontaine was scary.

Good job!

I have seen alot about your club on the web lately. Sounds impressive... Rodrigo, Denatale, Cartwright, Fontaine, Doerksen, etc.

The dude's a KILLER....

Rodrigo is one big bastid....

Good things come to those who wait. Congratulations to Chris Fontaine and his very loyal crew!

Good work Fontaine!