Fontaine the new MW Champ!!

I was pretty sure fontaine was going to win. the guy is a complete fighter, it seems. He doesn't have any glaring holes in his game.

Fontaine will only improve from here.

Congrats Chris!! I was there on my feet freaking out when he KO'd Vigneault! Dan

Thats three ugly dudes.

Nice first post, what an idiot.

Looks like a rose between two thorns... LOL



Damn, I wish I was there.

Absolutely amazing Chris!!!!!
No question that Fontaine is the real deal! No one
at the club has ever doubted this marn for one
second!! Good job and good job to Ratrigo and
others for training him so hard!
Yo the man Fontaine!
We shall ride your glory train for a few laps around
the Peg and if we got enough coal, up to Pine

Great work, man! You know you deserved it!
We shall see you soon, champ!

oops, so nice I posted twice!
now fuck off.

ttt Fontaine!



I tried to post while in Cuba but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Good job muh-bruthuh!

Oh and Rodrigo needs to wash his chin....looks almost kinda like a goatee startin there.