Please hook me up with a source for No Mercy.


And what if I don't?
Are you gonna release the guard dogs on me?
Or killer bees?
Or dogs that bark and shoot killer bees out of their mouth?!

But seriously,what do you mean by "source"?
Strategy guides?
Where you can purchase?

I'd like to buy a new copy of it. Preferably from a store, only has used ones. I'm sober now though so I can probably track one down on my own. :)


I really don't think it is possible,although it might be.
I haven't found one un-opened copy yet.
Mine is used,and gives me great pleasure every night because of experience.

This thread is not cool.

spits apple on Foo and Floppy


Hits Koma with the coconut crusher

Applesauce bitch.

Punctures Foo's kidney

Oww,my pride...

turns around and Hulks up


Pisses blood then dies but comes back to life wearing a large hat and a black trenchcoat,but then comes back as an American badass biker,then dies again

runs into the ring waving chair around like a retard