Food for thought...

One of my students works at a realy nice restaurant here in Vernon and she was serving a table of 3, one of the fellows offers her a business card and she respectfully declines and says that she trains at ALLIANCE.

Well this guy freaks out and starts causing a scene yelling at her and saying he could beat up everybody at ALLIANCE, he starts shadow boxing and scaring people in the

What realy scared her was when she was at her station and he came up behind her and "grunted" in her ear like he was some crazy animal. She was pretty freaked out and wasn't sure what to do but, she held her own like the pro she is.

Real nice way to rep your club and your affiliation, by scaring some girl and patrons in a restaurant.

Its funny how people get caught up with other peoples problems and make them their own...

holy fuck i think that was the funniest thing i ever heard.

in my opion 'nig of the Cage' is politically incorrect

As a matter of fact I told myself I would not respond to this bullshit and waste energy on it so I will edit my posts on this thread and try not to let Les' lies and slander of what I worked very hard foor in Vernon piss me off again


1- I never mentioned any names or clubs, that could be considered slander.

2- The are correct, however, I don't worry about who may or may not have respect for Alliance, I just thought I'd share my story about how some guy intimidates a young girl with his words and gestures, then sneaks up behind her and grunts in her ear to scare her.

Food for thought is some good shit i tell ya

Jason St Louis you are an artist! and bullshit is your paint LOL