Foods that don't sit well with you?

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Threads like this make it more obvious to me that our species is a carnivore.

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Tried it once, I was in a restaurant in Belgium and someone ordered it and I saw it and was like wtf is that, I was hoping it was tartar because, Mr bean. After a few minutes the waiter gave me a very small portion to try, compliments of the restaurant, I don’t know if I could manage a full portion, but the one I had was delicious. Medium rare steak messes with me, so I reckon if I had a full serving my arse would look like a jap flag the next day.

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If its good qaulity fresh meat then nothing will happen to you. The problem is the taste and texture. I have tried it in very good restaurants and they always want me to do the work. Adding all the ingredients together. Eggs, olive oil mustard, onions, salt and black pepper. Sometimes capers. But after having this i would rather have a fucken steak. Medium well. Or just sushi.

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I have had terrible heartburn probably GIRD for years. I take omeprezole (spelling?) and really don’t suffer.
I take an acid reducer if I’m going to eat pizza or tomato sauce type stuff and rarely have an issue. I love spicy hot food and will eat whatever I like. Probably shouldn’t, but I do.

Its funny back to back posters just cited raw oysters and steak tartar. Man oh man, give me a few spicy bloody marys, a bunch of nice raw oysters with lemon and steak tartar with some crisp slices of baguette to put it on and I’m all set.

One man’s oyster…


Lactose intolerant. Still have cheese too often which I am slowly working on. However I decided to try that strawberry frosty from Wendy’s yesterday and my stomach went into fuck you mode.

My 3 favorite food groups are meat, cheese, and sauce.