Foods you find disgusting

Natty weight


Lol that’s definitely not you… he’s successful!

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Look at how much water is at the bottom of that plate, that food is probably soggy as fuck… so nasty.

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Even people that don’t like fish or seafood usually like Salmon.

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Wait… this isn’t some sort of soup?

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The plate is dry under everything but the beans.

It’s the only way I can eat them


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Anything cooked on a blackstone

Anthony Anderson Abc GIF by HULU

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Raw Onions are fucking disgusting.

Wasabi sucks too

Gordon Ramsay Masterchef GIF by FOX TV


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Had a hake fish the other day that tasted worse than a dead hookers pussy

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Wish I’d got a one pound fish instead.


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That absolutely fucking whorrendous English breakfast I keep seeing in this thread reminded me I need to inform you people again what the GOAT breakfast is…

The GOAT Breakfast

  1. Fresh bagel with cream cheese, capers, a little red onion, a little tomato and a generous amount of smoked salmon.
  2. a side of honeydew melon
  3. thick cut bacon
  4. a chocolate croissant from a good French bakery
  5. black coffee
  6. water

Huevos Rancheros and 2 Bloody Marys for the win!



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Either that or chicken fried steak with eggs and hash browns and a biscuit with sausage grave.

Annnd…2 Bloody Marys!

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