** Footage of CJA in Acton?!?!**

I'm looking for some footage of the 'stand-up' competition that occurred on the mats at the TOP RIGHT of the arena floor (if looking from the arena stands).

It was stand-up with some takedowns and what not...if anyone can help me out that would be great.

It's safe to say it is crucial I get my hands on this footage. It may go a long way to helping the cause in Ontario.

I think you mean the Sport Jiu-jitsu stuff that goes
on in the WKF. Maybe Bob Krantz at Milton Ju-jitsu
could help out.


Thanks bro...do you have any of his contact info?

Just whats on their website:

Telephone: 905 878 1074

Email: miltonjj@cogeco.ca

I'm not sure if they hosted it...maybe Dan Moroney
knows a bit more.
Whats your angle here? Show the powers that be that
something similar is already happening here in our
province in a sanctioned event?



It's definetly something positive, that's for sure.