Footwork and Combinations on the Heavy Bag

Yo! Hope you had a cool weekend, just been working on some footwork while building my cardio back up again on the heavy bag. I think it's really important to have a good range of footwork available because you can create angles to attack and more easily avoid being hit, which is always good!

ttt on the Monday lunch break. Have a good one my friends!

Some elbows for good measure. Remember, don't just cut from the same angle! Hope everybody is well, peace!


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In for later. Keep em coming lee. Phone Post 3.0

Nice one peeps, hope you're all well! :)

Working the bags again to get fit. Just a clip of part of my workout. Using different rhythms and combinations on each bag and trying not to die from lack of cardio!

ttt for ninja lee. Considering a name change to Martial Lee!

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