Footwork, Head Movement, and Cardio Drill

Hey UG! Hope you are treating life well. Here's a drill we like to call Zombie Training!

Footwork, head movement, and cardio all get tested in this workout. Use footwork to keep yourself away from the incoming zombie, move your head as you step and keep up the pace!

Your partner is the zombie! Their job is to pressure you with forwards movement, your job is to stay close without turning your back, or relying on your arms to parry.

This will really build up your cardio, it's a fantastic drill to help with fitness. Here we started with 2 x 2 minute rounds, and trust me, that was enough!

If the zombie catches you then it's pushup time! Move your hands from your back? More pushups! Turn your back? Pushups!

Seems fun. Will have to give it a try. Bump. Phone Post 3.0

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Good stuff Lee. Especially useful for Chan Sung Jung's next opponent!

Thanks all! It's a very tiring drill and builds fantastic movement, but it's also brilliant fun! :)

I think superior footwork is just one of the tools needed to face the Korean Zombie, love that guy!

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ttt for an exhausting and fun workout!

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Thanks my friends! Hope you can take something new away from my videos from time to time :)

Got a new one coming out tonight UK time so should be on through the day for anyone across the pond!

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