Footwork in ROSS

Is equipment (head gear, gloves, pads, heavy bag)necessary to train in Fisticuffs?

How does equipment aid or hinder?

Thank you, Jeff

Do any of the ross tapes currently available detail the principles behind footwork for ROSS, or fisticuffs (sp)? If not, can anyone give some general tips?

Thanks, and I hope everyone who isn't in school had a great time in PA :-)

Scott, thanks for the reply and sorry for not getting back to the thread sooner.

Glad to hear you all had a great camp.

As for more info on striking, anything would be great. On a very (very) basic level, what are the principles for footwork in ROSS/Fisticuffs?

Secondly, I haven't purchased Shockability (yet) and wanted to ask you the following. For working stiking in ROSS/Fisticuffs, how much bag or padwork do you do? I've had my n'th layoff for elbow problems (no grappling or muay thai:-( and wanted to know if you had any insight on striking work while trying to minimize joint trauma.

Thank you.


Mr. Sonnon, thank you for the additional information.

Lefthooker, I'm definitely going to. Thank you for the added advice.