For a UFC 59 near you...

For a good list of bars that might be near you showing the UFC tonight:

Better Mouse Trap is a pimp.  BTW, I mean that respectfully.


Dinos Sports Bar Mashpee MA 508 477-6701
Goodtime Billiards Somerville MA 617 628-5559

Buffalo Wild Wings Fargo ND is where I'll be, it's right down the street from where I live.

Ethan can you hear the event played at Buffalo Wild Wings? I know they play sports on the big screens but they never have the volume up and usually play music. Watching the show just isn't the same without sound.

I don't know, I have not been to one there yet. I've seen it at a couple of other bars before and you're right, one time there was no sound and that kind of sucked.

UFC 59 is showing at like 10 different places here in my town.

you can hear the sound just fine at the north location

The Ticket-central(next to university mall) pensacola, fl-850 473 0717

The Ticket 2-west 9 mile rd, pensacola, fl-850 476 6444