? for Aaron or the Singer Bros.

Hey guys.

I have the first video put out by you guys on the clinch. Dpoes the clinchin' 2 set build on it or is it a more structured review of the material?

Im probab;ly gonna be getting it in the new year anyway, but just thought id ask!

I would say that some material builds or is an addition to the basic material. There is a lot of new material as well as some structured review and improved teaching/training material.


Yeah. What Adam said.


I have the same question but in reverse.

I have Clinchin 2, its really good, and I'm now interested in some other material. I plan to get Sharp's Overhook dvd and would like to know about the Clinch for the Street tape. Is there much material on that tape that is not covered on Clinchin 2? Any examples?

Also, its only on vhs right? Plans for dvd? I dont own a vhs player anymore.

thanks very much

Where can you check out Sharp's overhook DVD?


its tape 3 in the 2004 Spring Camp series.

Its actually called Underhook Defence.


Hi Adam,
please read the 4th post from the top


We are goign to have the first tape put on DVD with menus. Once that is done I will let you know and we can see if there is much overlap.