For all those who scoffed at The Antidote...

Coleman is 1-1 vs. Shogun

Coleman very well could be 2-0 if he had a full training camp. He had Shogun in a lot of bad situations early and gassed late.

Shogun's "loss" to Machida has caused an outrage never seen before in MMA history. Most agree Shogun won the fight.

So, for all those who attacked me and the Antidote posse-maybe we weren't so far off after all!


Good post. 

The ignorant will cry "troll" any time a brave soul presents an opinion outside the mainstream.  When that opinion is proven fact, as the legitimacy of Coleman's claim to a title shot has been, the people who scoffed should offer apologies for their shortsightedness.

Please post apologies for doubting The Antidote and his fans below:

....And Carl Lewis will get the world record back from Usain Bolt

Coleman's loss to Shogun was last year. Not 1984.

Fremont JC - Coleman is 1-1 vs. Shogun


Unfortunately, he is only 2-2 versus father time since joining the UFC.  Missing 50% of your fights due to injury is no way to move up the rankings.

Now that Coleman has pulled the eject cord on his fight with Tito, I can support him again. The OP is correct.

Being injured doesn't help.

But, Brock is missing a fight coming up. Lots of fighters miss fights due to injury.

If Mir did win, he would still be champ. That made me laugh aloud.

gangsta101 - Coleman wore Shogun out, something only a select few fighters are capable of doing.

The fact of the matter is the Antidote holds a win over what many regard as the current UFC LHW champ.

Shogun vs Coleman III for the title September 2010

 Coleman will break both of Shogun's arms this time.  Also, his spirit.

I remember Gangsta101 putting together some cool graphics of a tourney some time back. While I don't have that technological savvy...

Shogun vs. Machida rematch

Coleman vs. Rashad

Winners face off for the title.