For all you Pablo nuthuggers

I walked into his place on commercial blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale and bought 20 lessons for $1500.00. I did get the training I was promised however upon completion of the lessons my amex. card was billed AGAIN for $1500.00. Upon getting my next bill and seeing the charge and not having spoken to Pablo since the end of the 20 lessons, I called and asked what was going on and who made the mistake. I got the instant "I dont know what you are saying to me" I could never get these guys to explain the second charge or refund the money. Amex said I had signed a and I had but for the FIRST 20 lessons. What was I going to do, fight him? I have been reading posts here for about 5 years and I believe most of you are stand up guys. I just thought it should be public information so it does not happen to someone else. I am not bitter(maybe a little) because it taught me a very valuable lesson. In summation just because they can fight doesn't make them a stand up guy.

He seems like a nice guy. Mistakes in business happen. If all else fails, you can always sue if AMEX won't stop payment.


This can't be the end to this.. go see him man..get a translater..something

how much for 20 lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read it carefully before you sign anything dude

20 lessons for 1,500 dollars!?! damn he's pricey. And to be charged an extra 1,500 on top of that... whoa.

And I know what you mean about good fighters who aren't good characters. Sadly though, some guys can do no wrong according to this forum.

LostTexan email me ASAP! I have a some info that might help you.


-Tom Bombadil

Is your name really Tom Bombadil?

$1500-you can't give up that easily.