For all you weight cutters out there

1/3 can Eden Organic brown Rice and beans or make your own(Im lazy)
1/3 frozen corn(steam bag).. I buy birdseye steamfresh
1/3 frozen green beans(steam bag)
Top off with verde sauce and salsa.....damn good, feel like I am eating the inside of a tasty burrito. Very quick and easy to make

Yeah I realize buying ready steamed bags of veggies and organic rice/beans is a little bit more expensive, but since I am lazy and stopped splurging on alcohol I figure I can spend a little extra on food.

^ for the green beans it is birdseye steamfresh as well and I know you can buy brown rice steamers as well

all vegetables and steamed brown rice I buy at for the canned brown rice and beans I bought in the health food section at local supermarket....also very low sodium as well

 I liked Krispy Kreme donuts followed by the sauna