For better or for worse

Does anybody take marriage seriously? People go into all wrong; a temporary contract based on common interests. People don't put effort in. News flash marriage is the toughest thing you will ever do. It's harder than being a parent. Phone Post 3.0

They 'think' they're taking it seriously. It's impossible for a 25yr old to understand what 30yrs with someone is like.

Not sure I agree on the parenting thing tho...

P. S.

Why would human beings say that in the first place?


It doesn't mean anything to say it, because if you're going to do those things anyway, saying it out loud as a promise as if it starts then and there is ridiculous. And if it truly starts then and there because you said those words out loud then it's also ridiculous.


All the emotion that goes into it is just a petty little thing.

Jesus....been on the forums for 5/minutes today and this is the 4th thread I have seen about marriage or someone getting a divorce.. They should just make a section for threads just like this called divorce ground. Phone Post 3.0

I'm happily married, I love it.

The public ceremony was really nice as a chance to celebrate our committment with family, friends, and each other.  Going on 13 years so far.  I'm happy most of the time now, never lonely, and have a great person to spend my time with (and get regular benefits).

It's work, but with both committed to it, it's definitely not as much work as being a parent.

being a parent is way harder IMO.

Some of us do take it serious. but what am I to do when the love of my life wanted "space, to figure out her life..." knowing full well she was connecting w/ some fat fuck behind my back?

Parenting is easy. My kids are well behaved, play sports, do chores, and look out for one another. Shit was natural to me. So was being a family man.

Well... I got punished for being a family man.

Women are getting caught up in too much bullshit these days it's ridiculous. it's too easy these days. These hoes just don't play for long term happiness and have no real heart. They're weak.