? for California OGers... when are you escaping?

…and where are you escaping to?

I need some ideas. I’m thinking South Dakota or Wyoming.

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AZ sucks ass, no more room for CA liberal tards. Go crusade elsewhere.

I can’t handle heat and humidity. Help me out here.

Likely Utah in 6-7 years. I plan to retire at that time. My wife’s employer has a huge part of their operation based in Utah. She’ll work for at least another 10 after I retire. I have a close family member who is a successful real estate broker and builder in the area. We’ll buy land through him once the market cools down (if it does) and hopefully have our house built before I retire. I plan to keep my house here either way.


Are you Mormon? I thought only Mormons are allowed in Utah?

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14 months and I’m eyeing San Antonio area or Georgia, Alpharetta area.

I might do Chicago. I have some friends out there. You can get a house in the suburbs for 300k.

I thought Chicago is a warzone​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Seems a lot like Socal. If you’re out in the suburbs then you’re not bothered by it at all.

Please stay in California.

Most of you will continue to vote as before and turn the new state into the place you fled. If you insist on moving, go to Washington state, New York, New Jersey, or some other liberal retard land.


I can technically retire in 11 years but I’m trying to do 14 more. It’ll give me an extra 15% in retirement. I’ve looked at the usual areas. I like southern Washington but hate the politics. Texas is alright, not great. Lots of coworkers are going to Tennessee.

More than likely, I’ll end up in Hawaii. They don’t tax public pensions and my wife’s whole family is there. I’ll surf every day, maybe renovate houses for a side gig, and help take care of her parents. The politics aren’t any better but maybe I can stop caring in retirement, lol.


I’m in Georgia & wish I could move to California due to the location & natural beauty. Unfortunately you guys f’d it up so much I can’t. I’m thinking maybe Colorado in a couple years.

Humidity should not be a deciding factor, it becomes normal in about a month of exposure.
Florida is where it is at. Nowhere else in the country can you become a “Florida Man.” Beaches, bitches, alligators, mild winters, and trannys. What more could a guy ask for?

Crom willing, soon. Thinking Utah, Wyoming, or Idaho.

This communist shithole is one more major “unrest” from being officially classified a 3rd world country. The southern portion is practically fucking Mexico, and then it’s meth, meth, meth until the central coast. Then it’s just hobos shitting on everything until you get to the northern portion.

24% of registered voters in CA are Republican (as of 2020). That’s over 5 million people. Republicans leaving for red states aren’t voting blue (which is primarily who you’re talking to here).


Everyone on this thread votes red, I believe, and will continue to do so. You need those votes. It’s the immigrants and the young voters that turn states blue.


You really can’t blame free state-ers for being wary. Commiefornia thinking is a worse pandemic than the one we just went through. Containment is probably better for the rest of the country.


Mormons & drug addicts only.