? for California OGers... when are you escaping?

Not leaving until our youngest daughter is done with high school, so another 3 at the least. But at that point, not sure, maybe southern Oregon, maybe someplace on the east coast like Virginia. Lots of options since my wife is in higher education management.

Not sure if Utah is a viable landing zone. Seems like the larger cities there (SLC, Provo) are becoming home base for a lot of liberals. Could end up like Washington in another 7-10 years.

If you are leaving California, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I’ve listened to enough morons complain about shit and still vote for the same politicians that have fucked everything up. We all lost our right. Rogan is the perfect example. Dude complains about big government and pretends to be about personal responsibility, then endorses Bernie.

I’m headed to Tennessee. Nobody else should though. Go to Texas. Please.

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There were more Trump voters in CA than any other state in 2020.


People like Rogan will vote blue and ruin your state.

Why some people welcome a Bernie supporting, open border moron like him is beyond me.

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Please STFU.

You’re tired narrative simply isn’t true. You can’t afford to stop us. And you really don’t get to bitch after sending all your blue haired hippies and Bums here for decades who helped turn this place into the flaming commie shithole its become. The people fleeing aren’t democrats and you guys need the votes, IQs and Money we bring to the local economy from selling our overpriced houses in CA.

Deal with it


Where are you escaping to?

Rogans a flyover fuck Masshole just like the rest of the flyover fucks who make up Hollywood. He’s Not Californian dipshit.


How fucking stupid are you fucking retards lol. He’s from Boston you dipshits!!


(in order of best)

We have a rigorous back ground check to get into Utah.

The blue-haired fags don’t come from my neck of the woods. California, a beautiful place, didn’t become a shithole because of its location; it became a shithole because of its people.

If you’re a red voter, then feel free to flee. If you’re someone simply escaping a situation you created and have no intention of changing, then stay and enjoy what you made.

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How about this pile of shit from Missouri? Can we sue Mizourah for sending such a human pile of shit to our state? No one from Missouri should be allowed to vote if they move to your state look at the dumbfuck they produced.


Rogan’s politics were a good fight fit for California.

Bernie? Open borders? Hates Trump?

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And then there’s Alabama! Look at what human fecal matter Auburn produced that funds the communist filth in my state.

DEFUND AUBURN No fuckin Bammas should be allowed to vote or influence CA politics.


If I were going to move it would be either to Utah or Idaho but I’m having the time of my life here right now so no plans to hit the rip cord yet.

I am born and bred in San Diego and will never leave this beautiful city. Being Native, I will just continue to use white guilt policies to my advantage. And call out faggot ass white liberals, racist BLM bitches and continue to troll the fuck out of these bitch ass faggots…


Yeah our state wasn’t for that until 20 years of the federal government not doing their fucking job dumbass. When you regurgitate talking points that are blatantly wrong do you guys not think you sound just as intellectually dishonest and shitty as the Commie fags from (your town here) who come here and do it?


No on Chicago if serious. I went there last year on business and it really is a shit hole like the other liberal cities. Been there several times. I literally heard cop/ambulance sirens every night. Wouldn’t recommend it. Try about 10-20 miles out of town. Much better.

Good luck affording a house in Utah now. Hopefully the market normalizes soon.