? for California OGers... when are you escaping?

So it’s your belief then that people moving into the suburbs was the reason for the unprecedented loss of a seat in the House of Representatives? Okay bud.

People are fleeing in Bunches

we’re either going to move to one of the suburbs of the strip or go out to Henderson and get an acre or two. zero desire to do the summerlin thing. personally, not a huge fan of AZ. too spread out for me. i like LV/Henderson because everything is concentrated in a few areas and if want to be in HB its a 3hr drive or a 45 minute flight.

have to be in LV 6 months and 1 day to take advantage of the tax break so the wife i figure we’ll spend may-august in HB and the rest of the time in LV. come home for the holidays

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Heber? really dude? it’s the first time I see someone on the OG citing that place, I believe someone cited El Centro a few years back.

(I’m from Mexicali lol)

My brother’s in-laws are from Heber and I’ve been there a bunch. I would love to retire there.

nice, but are you aware of the heat? it was 108F just yesterday LOL

I’m from Sacramento so heat wouldn’t be new.

I’m in California and a red voter. If I were to leave, the main reason would be due to the state taxing the shit out of us for more liberal policies. But there isn’t really a place anywhere else that will pay engineers as much as they pay in the Bay Area. And life is actually not bad if you live in the suburbs. The urban areas however like San Francisco is a shithole filled with bums sleeping everywhere and woke race politics.


Wyoming it is



Even if you aren’t in the city, the taxes are horrible, especially Cook County.

NW Indiana is close enough to Chicago with out all the taxes

California is hard flyover now. HARD

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yep, if i ever ended up having to move to that area and do business in chicago i’d live in NW indiana. no doubt about it. all the benefits of being within 45-60 minutes of downtown Chicago, literally none of the negatives

I hate the politics here in Ca, but I am not moving. Still worth it for the weather and I can’t leave the ocean. I keep hoping real estate will go down with the exodus so please keep leaving.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who have left and regret it already. Texas, AZ, Montana etc aren’t paradises. The politics don’t effect me my daily life much, taxes are by far the worst part. Far right QAnon preppers can suck just as much as the woke jackass’s.

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Exactly. It also seems like there is more opportunities right now for high paying work in the Bay Area. I don’t think the same opportunity exists in the exodus states. I’ve never had more interviews with SF companies and it looks like I’ll see a 20% pay increase.

Major downside is cost of living. If you didn’t get in early enough, you’re going to have a really hard time. Either having to pay massively through the nose for a nearby suburb. Or have a nightmare of a commute on the fringes.

Can you live with all that crime and poo in SF?

Dont go to Idaho unless you got bank. The prop taxes suck a dick

People in TX, AZ and Montana aren’t heading back that should show you something. I don’t miss it at all, fuck the traffic,smog and ridiculous housing prices.

Did you move from CA to TX?

Remaining here until the ground beneath me is scorched

or at least until we shift towards Montana/Idaho and live as God intended