For DaveFu and his RIP Funny Jinx Comment

Kirik assigned me that profile picture and assured me it was not gang related!

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Glad you’re still around.

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But those threads are whining, bitching and moaning that he agrees with

I have always enjoyed reading your posts. I assumed you were here under multiple burners. Regardless if that is true or not I am happy to see you. I have always been a fan. I appreciate your weirdness because of how weird I am too. More of your old school fuckery is needed here. We are literally conditioned to shitpost about politics now. Pick whom we associate by it often and develop “enemies” with whom with have daily arguments with. It will not change ever here IMO but the added content of nonsense posting that is intended to make us laugh is desperately needed here. What happens if you crapped and came?


Thanks cotton

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you mean shizzing?

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All this thread has convinced me of is old unfunny Jinx isnt a feminist or he wouldnt ha e complained about my 35% racism and bitched about my 65% of misogny.

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All I’m here for us to get a copy of FABs old songs and I’ll be happy

They’re still on youtube.

They’re not there anymore

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That’s the only one available anymore

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“I wish Jinx would only make fun of the ethnics because it makes me laugh but when he makes fun of the TightyWhities too it really triggers my sense of racial superiority”-------OG CURmudgeons

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When intelligent ppl speak, nobody listens. Great post either way.

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