? for direct tv customers - UFC

Did you guys not get to see the beginning of the first 30 seconds of the first fight on Saturday(UFC 64)? I have cable and I lost the feed a few times. Just curious.

Yes, something wrong with the feed from vegas. I was pissed.

Yeah there were a lot of technical difficulties.

So it was direct tv too? Wow, I was going to call and get my cable service cut and get direct tv installed later this week, LOL! Thanks.

yeah everyone missed it. it had to be the feed

I had just had my Directv switched to a HD DVR satellite that day and connected to a new plasma TV. I thought those bastards hooked something up wrong!

It blipped off on cable too :(

I just figured that the UFC was trying a new way to rip me off.

There were aspect ratio problems for the first 30 minutes or so as well - the video on my screen looked like it was stretched out and was giving me a serious headache! I think it was fixed about halfway through that barnburner with Kongo and Marrero ;)

Yes, we had the same problem with our DirecTV..

MattBenwa i noticed that too.......

Same here, bunch of issues.

So the slam footage doesn't exist?

All my guests were yelling at ME! LOL

Yep, had the same problem watching it in LA, too.

REFUND! Nah it was worth it.

I couldn't order it in PA. I just got a black screen.