For Jacqueline, Dougies wife!

This is the Wall of Hope, it now has Jacqueline's name on it....

pic of my dad & me as they lit the Luminary lighting to walk! Since the wind started blowing I had on 3 layers of clothes, but notice my KO fighting shirt & Pain beanie, LOL.


haha, I was getting sleepy & the wind was blowing........ I'll find the pic of the start of the walk, I downloaded it......... somewhere....... sheesh.

I just showed this to my Wife and she said, "AWESOME!" and to say thank you so much for thinking of her.

She then told me to get my butt in gear and send this package in the mail that I have for you. It's going out today!

Thanx Momita!

Momita ROCKS.

Awesome stuff !

ttt for Jacqueline :)

Dougie, see you this Sunday :)


Uh. Ok. What is happening Sunday?

Strikers show...


Damn it, no one ever tells me anything.


I'll try to be there!

Mrs JHR is making the trip this time... :)


Hopefully Mrs. Dougie will be at the show too if all is well.


ttt for Jacqueline