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Matt are there any guys out there in the Realty Based Self Defense world whose material you like. I have seen a lot of wanna be ninjas out there. I really like Luis's ISR-PM material. Would you mind dropping a few names of any one else in the RBSD circles that you think thier material might be worth checking out?


Shane, I would stick with the ISR material. In terms of self defense training, it is probably the only RBSD type training curriculum I have found that is taught with Aliveness from day one. It was put together by someone who knows the delivery systems of stand up, clinch, and ground (Luis is a BJJ black belt). And it is healthy.

Regarding defense against bladed weapons, I have never seen anything which approaches the functionality of the STAB program. Not even close.

Why is this subject of interest to you?

Thanks Matt for your reply. I have also seen Karl's material and like it as well. I have some Greco in my background and I have played with the two-on-one for knife control much like Karl.

My interest in training for self-defense has grown over the last few years as my ability to be competitive has diminished. I am riddled from injuries. I have been involved in combat sports since I was a kid. My problem was that I almost always trained all out and rarley did I take time to fully recover after injuries.So, a lot of my motivation is preparing for a different type of challange(one in wich I hope I never have to face). I still go train at a couple of MMA gyms where there are a few guys I trust to spar with.

Another reason is that I have several friends in LE that keep me updated on the crimes in our area. They inform me of things that I don't get in the news. I have a wife and two kids to protect if need be. I am not an ultra paranoid SOF type. I try to use common sense and awareness for the bulk of my self defense practice. To me self defense can be a lot of different things like diet, defensive driving, or being good with my finances (basically anything that helps me better serve and protect my family and friends). Thanks again Matt for your time.



Shoot me an e-mail sometime next week.


I understand Shane. My 2 cents. . .I would make conditioning and health a priority. Things like weight training, Yoga, etc. And I would get involved in your own local community, school boards, area watch, etc.

Thanks Matt and Luis. Sorry for the delayed response, I just moved.

Matt, thanks for your suggestions(all good BTW). Are you suggesting those practices at the exclusion to or in addition to the physical practice of self defense?

Luis I will e-mail you soon.


Shane, I am suggesting that those things should be a priority that would come prior (or with) to any sort of RBSD program. Following personal conditioning (health), and community involvement (safety), I would then consider some sort of athletic and Alive training. Whether it was BJJ, Judo, boxing, wrestling, MMA, anything of that nature. Some form of combat sport.

After doing all of the above, I would then ask someone to reconsider if they still feel they need some sort of RBSD specific training. If the answer was yes, then I would also look into things like pepper spray, a dog, and the possible need for firearms training.

If the answer is yes on firearms training (you feel it's needed), I would also ask if you have considered moving to a better area?

Finally, I would consider some H2H training for RBSD. But not until the above things were addressed.

If you have access to Luis ISR material, then it would make a great supplement to that combat sport listed at the top. However most RBSD programs I have seen still rely on one and two step sparring methods, and tend to leave the students unable to fight even after extensive lessons. ISR is certainly an exception to that.

Matt thanks again, and I agree with everything that you just said(I just moved and am still unpacking boxes for the very reason that you mentioned).