for meatrokket and other hgers...

there was a time when i never left the OG, but then things changed a bit demographically and graphically and then the hg, blah blah blah, but some of the reason that is the OG still pops it's head up from time to time, and it's this thread that reminds me of times of when the og was the og...

Pussies try to gang up on 1 guy. Get wrecked Video Thread

please send to meatrokket as he has stepped away from his keyboard. mahalo

seen this that was funny so many weird things happen in this fight

it's the comments. every page worth reading. goddamn

25 FTW!!!

25 is the new 13.

05 (Japanese Warrior Thread) kicked ass too!

Been following that thread as a lurker...hilarious

 that thread made dealing with todays massive hangover that much easier. lol at some of the comments.

i agree with Jinx that the dudes probably Mexican.

mainland sole would have a buya.


TTT for later when I am not dragging ass.