? for Mr. Sonnon

I have read a couple of articles in Black Belt
magazine about your art and I am interested about
learning more about it.What art would you say it
is comparable to in action? What video do you sell
that would best demonstrate its street effectivness?
Thankyou for your time?


Nothing compares to my style in action, because it is my style, not anyone else's. Likewise, nothing compares to your style, because it is yours and yours alone. I do not teach a style, nor my style. I coach a system of performance enhancement which:

1. facilitates you to identify your unique style,

2. increases your level of discernment of true threats and your differentiation between threat levels,

3. maximize your unique strengths, minimize your weakness until such a time that they too become strengths, and

4. increases your recovery time from perceived errors, perceived shock and suprise, while minimizing their frequency,

5. increases the ceiling of your mental toughness, so that your physical conditioning converts to combative effectiveness.

If you ask in regards to street effectiveness for civilian self-defense (I'm presuming), then FISTICUFFS and SHOCK-ABILITY provide you with the conceptual and physical launching platform for my system.

Go to www.amerross.com/videos.html for a list of links to the various products.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, especially through the free training forum available on my website.


Scott Sonnon