For my friend Gabe, WEC champ

Big Congrats to Godzilla,

I know what this young man has gone through, he worked his ass off, and sacrificed much for this. Now he has a belt, and hopefully some marquis fights in the near future. He has battled through some tough stuff of late, and became a champ not in spite of it, but because of it.

I am very proud of you bro, now if we can just get you to behave. :)

the rev

and I know there are other threads, this one is just from me, and therefore special

ttt for gabe

Da Champ!

hes all good except for that whole Gay thing

ttt for the man!

good job

ahem Sam.... Wells....

ttt for Ziller

Huge Congrats Gabe, your my biggest hero:}

keep this up til Gabe tells us about his after party adventures, I expect they will involve lots of women, three daquiries, some sleeping security guards and a trip to the zoo.

the rev

Good stuff Gabe!! See you at Grapplers Quest?? Your old friend TC.

Three dacquiries? Did he say he was going to take it easy?

Congrats Gabe :)

Congrats Gabe! You put on a good show and you deserve
that belt.


For Godzilla and baby Godzilla`s entrance.

Congrats Gabe!


ttt for the champ

the rev

Is he holding the belt for Sam Wells?


What's up with these faggots and their Sam Wells comments??

Not too many fighters are undefeated, so you guys are just being lame. Especially zawi, fool's got NO room to talk shit. lol

I will tell you one thing, Gabe would love a chance to avenge that loss. Can Sam make 155? If he can't Gabe would fight him anyways, just not for his belt obviously.

But very classy to pull that crap on a congrats thread, you are a true gentleman.

the rev

Holy shit, TC!!! How the hell have you been? email me at

Thanks Rev, a post like this from you means alot to me. You are a true friend

zawi, Im more than happy to fight Sam again. What has my record been since that fight? If you think Im even close to being the fighter that fought Sam, you are painfully, painfully wrong