For Neil Seery!

Thank you for being such an inspiration to those that get up every morning, go to work, tend to their families and then find time to train and compete on a global scale.

I am sorry for your loss, I can see the sincerity in your face and the angst to fight hard and provide a better life for you and yours, all the while fullfilling your dreams. Hats off to you Champion!

In a world full of sissies, excuse makers and borrowers, you prove that you can still get your ass up, go to fuckin work, take care of your family and friends, and then kick ass!

My family salutes you Neil.

Thanks for an awesome fight.


Signed! Phone Post 3.0

"sissies, excuse makers and borrowers,". Kinda hardsh there, you just described most of your family and friends... most of society in general.


As for the rest, yeah nice to see someone rise above it all to go for his dreams. I hope in the end whatever sacrifice/price his family has to pay ends up being worth it.

Your absolutely right LetiKraker.


LOL. Both dudes put on a great show.


Seery is a beast and an inspiration to every1 in this country wotta guy!!!

Wotta night!! Phone Post 3.0

For sure Bwater! Outstanding individual.



Still buzzing from last night might go out and start on a few pikeys for the craic!! Phone Post 3.0

Have fun dude and thanks for chiming in on a positive note for someone who deserves the recognition!

TTT for Neil.

Hotlanta -

Have fun dude and thanks for chiming in on a positive note for someone who deserves the recognition!

TTT for Neil.

No bother he deserves all the support he gets he's an inspiration and a stand up guy!!

My condolences go out to him and his family!! Phone Post 3.0

Agreed. Phone Post 3.0

Really want Neil to go far, maybe more so than Conor. Hope he gets a big bonus soon. Proud to be his countryman.
Well written OP. Phone Post 3.0

Neil is a fucking savage; delighted for him and his team!

Seery is great, cant wait to see him again. I hope he does well in UFC and gets good amount of money as well. I hope all will be good in his life, man is 34 and made a very impressive debut even in loss. Was glad to see him get a win this time though!

Working class hero!! Great fighter. He may not always win but by fuck the man gives 100%. Phone Post 3.0

Yep, Im going to watch the prelims and main event again with my brother! I agree with RVD, zuffa and the UG sold me on Fightpass.

Thanks Evilmaster for the pic advice.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!


Some positives word about a Great fighter.

Great post sir. Phone Post 3.0


miss the fight but he had a really close fight with pickett last time. hope he keeps winning so fighting is all he does.

Thanks alot.... To him and you Karl. I'm 95 percent positive about everything MMA related and or Success stories that I read and triumph over tragedies. Too many like to shit on everything and everyone who succeeds, fails, doesn't meet their expectations, etc.

My comment above which offended a few, was very realistic. There are shitbags out there that do absolutely nothing except wake up in the morning and want to cause strife. Mainly out of sheer Jealousy and Envy........ I refuse to be that person and will support any man or woman that makes their bed, feeds themselves and lives their dreams.

Lazy hands don't eat and eventually an asshole will run into a dick!

Love the UG!