? for non Catholic Christians?

When did takeing of the Eucharist become wrong? If christ did it with Apostles and the early church did it after why is it wrong?

It's wrong?

I´m a spiritist, and for me there is nothing wrong with eucharist. I simply don´t practice it.

I dont think anyone thinks it wrong, however I sometimes wonder about some Christian denominations. I think some christians were so anti-Catholic that they forgot how important the Eucharist is.


Q- Is the eucharist the name Catholics give to matza? I thought it was "the waffer".

what the hell are you talking about, I don't know one Christian church that doesn't take communion. The early church took communion during a meal, and with foot washing as part of it. It was called the agape feast, we have done this, have you?

the rev

It was from the "someone posted this on the og" thread. Sorry that chick guy messed with my head.

She did a good job. Catholics aren't the only ones who have the Eucharist/ communion.

Dude of course i dont.

I think many Christians believe it's 1) a memorial not the literal "flesh" of Christ and 2) that the Priest does not have the power to perform as mediator an "unbloody sacrifice" via the Eurcharist.

sorry..we do it also

yours in Christ