? for Racer X

I recently bought a Dimarzio Evolution pickup for the bridge position in my new Ibanez RG1550, and so far it's nothing like I thought it would be. All of the great qualities I heard about this pickup seem to be absent for me.

Pinch harmonics are weak and difficult to achieve, and the sustain is horrible.

However, I did read a review that said Ibanez puts linear taper volume pots in their guitars, and it should be audio taper. (which supposedly allows all of the signal to come through, according to the person who wrote the review)

Do you know anything about this?


The real difference between linear and audio taper pots is not going to be in their full volume tone, but in the way inwhich they turn down. With a linear taper pot, the volume seem to decrease more at the beginning or end of the travel(depending on how it is wired) where a audio taper pot will seem to spread the volume decrease out over the range of the control. Some people prefer the linear pot for it's sudden surge of power. Check out Van Halen's "Little Guitars" off Diver Down. That is a linear taper pot(and a delay pedal) he is using to get the "bowed" effect.

More important I think is to make sure the pickup is wired correctly. If you are not sure let me know and I'll work out a diagram for you.

The wiring is correct. I and several others have checked to make certain.

I just can't seem to find the problem. The sustain is so bad that it feels like I'm playing a guitar that has fishing strings on it.

I'm wondering if I just got a bad pickup. I originally wanted to put a Bill Lawrence L-500 XL in the bridge, but I didn't want to wait a month or more for it to come in.

Hey RX, I have a question about volume pots.

I have the factory installed pots on my LP, and the volome seems to go from 0-1-10, there is no swell when I turn the knob, its either on or off.



Beav, the first thing I would try is to reverse the pickup and the output on the volume pot. This sometimes improves taper, but will affect your ability to use each volume control as a master volume. Otherwise, you can replace the control with a known audio taper 500K pot. If you can't find one, I can get one to you.

Thanks for answering my poorly stated question!

reverse the pickup and the output on the volume pot

How would I go about doing that?

Beav, if you look at the connections on the pot, there will be one leg that is grounded to the chassis and two with wires going to the switch and to the pickup. Switch the positions of these two wires.