? for Roxy, Japanese experts, etc re: Rumina Sato

I have a pretty random ? for people that are familiar with Japan, their mma scene, etc.

I just saw the recently uploaded video on Budovideos:


It shows Rumina Sato's house etc.

As he is one of my all time favorite fighters, I was just curious if his house is above average, below, or really big for the area?

It would make me sad to think such a legendary fighter might not be able to enjoy the luxuries of a big house, etc.

Or, because I'm ignorant of the area, his place could be worth millions, like an apartment in Manhattan?

Similarly, can someone like him and Sakurai (another one of my favorites), earn a very good living fighting? I'm hoping they get six figures a year?

On the same notion, is Sakuraba considered rich or does he owe a ton of money to people like the Yakuza?

I love the guy, but I cant understand why he is competing if he has two terrible knees and two ears that are about to fall off.

Rumina Sato is also one of my fave's!

http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/22451121/sn/671414317/name/shanowTakanoriGomiRuminaSatoandNaoy.jpgAt SB weigh-ins with friends, Takanori Gomi, Rumina Sato, Naoya Uyematsu

(photographer was Hayato Sakurai)

I filmed all these segments for Mat Culture. Rumina is seriously a good person and has a great family and many great friends. His hometown, Odawara, is a beautiful place.

KONJO- thanks for filming it, and giving us a glimpse of the Japanese mma culture.

I love it and want more!!!

Thanks. Did you see my thread "The Way of Shooto 5!!!"?

I think you'll like it.

Yes, I did- and I enjoyed it very much.

the one thing you can tell from this vid for sure; rumina is MENKUI. ;)