For Sale- Atama Double Weave Judo Gi

For sale is a size A3 white Atama double weave judo gi. I have washed and dryed it twice to try to shrink it down to fit me but it is still way too big. I have never trained/worked out in it. The only time it's been worn was when I tried it on. Top and pants in absolutely new condition. It's a size A3 which I believe is equivalent to a size 5 in Japanese sizing. I'm 5'11"/160 lbs. and wear a size A3 BJJ gi and thought the same size in their judo gi would fit but I was wrong. If I had to guess I'd say this gi would fit someone around 6'1"-6'2" and 180-190 lbs. Will sell for $80 plus shipping. I can be contacted at if you have questions or want pics. Thanks.

atama makes judo gi's... hmph..

JoshuaResnick - atama makes judo gi's... hmph..

Atama used to make judo gis. They stopped making them a few years ago. They are great quality (not like the quality of their current BJJ gis).

Price dropped to $75 plus shipping. Here are a few pics.

Final price drop to $70.00 plus shipping. I'd rather keep it than sell it for any less. Great double weave gi at the price of a good single weave. Again, it has never been worn just washed twice.

i simply dont know somebody that size who needs a gi...