For Sale!!

 Jefferson County... REAL cheap.  Make an offer.  Includes massive debt, looming bankruptcy, racial politics.  On the bright side, BFC is going and you will probably get to see her and Bell in handcuffs soon.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

I was pretty disappointed when I heard the news this morning. Oh well, so much for the future of Birmingham. It's not like we had been going anywhere anyhow.

 so.... you gonna make a bid?

 Just the usual...

 BIRMINGHAM, Al - With the election of William Bell to the Mayor's position in Birmingham, AL yesterday, politcal candidates whose careers have been over for a while have been giving thought to moving to Birmingham to restart their careers.  Whether it be jail time, loss of a recent election, or just taking time off to speak truth to power, these politicos are ready to make a comeback in the Deep South. 

     On the short list of potential political sojourners to the Yellowhammer State are former Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick (who will try to get his probation transferred to Alabama after his release from prison), former GA Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, and Washington, D.C. favorite, Marion "That Ain't My Crack" Berry. 

     Birmingham's next mayoral race looks to be stacked with talent.


Associated Press writers contributing to this report included Alfred de Montesquiou, Tamara Lush, Kevin Maurer, Michelle Faul, Bill Gorman and Jessica Desvarieux