For the record (Kalib Starnes)

Found this thread on sherdog, surprised no one is talking about it since everyone seemed to have an opinion a couple weeks ago, but it looks like Kalib fought with a fractured fibula against Stine and really was in fact hurt, but how dare he speak up against the great Ken Shamrock, should have just a been a fuckin no sack "yes man". For more, read the article near the bottom of the article where it is mentioned.

ttt for internet know-it-alls.


Yeah he is awesome- easily the most skilled fighter on the show.

I have read in a local BC newspaper that he has quit his job to train fulltime so there must be something going on.

Marc - what else did the local papers say abot him -

I heard some stuff reguarding a certain club he belongs to

ttt 4 the canadian rep

sreiter explain

sreiter - which 'club' are you refering to??? lol

lol -

i aint saying -

Well he is very popular with HA's in BC.

..come on now, he said it himself in one of his interviews on the spike website, he is all about wholesome family values...
lol =)

Go Canuck!

lol- i think that would be the club he's in -

i heard the HA's sponcer him - they fly in the best trainers in the world to coach him

Who are HA's?

Hell's Angels, a biker gang. Uh, club.

Geese Jones