For the record, Shut-up and Fight

I had planned on taking a few weeks off but I must address a few issues, number one I never received any calls or emails from mark pavolich coming into my Dec 6th scheduled event. He posted on the underground but neglected my repeated attempts to contact him specifically, leaving messages such as " please feel free to contact me personally to discuss my organization and your concerns"I did this for several days upcoming to my event, no interest in speaking with me .....Shut-up and Fight had two, yes two sanctioning bodies in place for the day of our event "Canadian Mixed Martial Arts Council" as well as the American UFCF was in place for the day of, We have a receipt for a four million liability rider from our insurance agent, three million above what the municipal facility required at an additional cost of $2700.00 , We had a practicing and liscenced doctor and nurse on board for physicals and ringside medical, we had an additional security staff set to be on hand at a substantial cost to our organization, ecg, bloodwork, proof of physical was required upon signing all contracts( non exclusivity) I at my expense payed Chris Brennans Next Generation show and to win money to offset his inconvience, as well as gave his teammember through last minute complications that could not make it into Canada his show money as well, I wish I could have did more for the PG guys who were and are awesome and first class. The Western Freestyle Championships and it's Founder Jason Darrah has been hosting awesome events in this community for over seven years and many fighters trainers and promoters on the westcoast got their start on Jasons shows back when the sport was truely "getting founded", This community was and may still be the heart of Canadian mma. I am talking about a community literally in the middle of nowhere that baught 3100 tickets up untill thurs night so we anticipated 5000 fans, the RCMP on four occasions that I was lucky enough to be a part of the Western Freestyle Championships liscenced us for alcohol which was a very in depth process.. Jason Darrah was the individual who opened the door to the sport it was not my intention to have this happen to what truely is "his" community and "his" fightfans I think the mark pavoliches and steven petrys should realize he was and is one of the true pioneers of the sport and pay him the respect he has proven for some time he deserves I will finish with this... mark and stephan are both scumbags they have been and always will be its just that they have went too far in disrespecting the sport it's time for them to move on , I do not represent the Canadian fight community nor do I claim to speak for any portion , province or community or even as a promoter , I say this as a true fan of the sport, it's time to move on, please leave the sport of mma you have done enough damage

Leslie Dickens
Shut-up and Fight
the greatest fightcard that never was !!!

ttt! 5000 people, wow..


What a terribly unfortunate thing to have happened to such a promising promotion and two solid guys (Dickens and Darrah). I am certain that this event would have been able to take the sport in Canada to the next level. I only hope that, as a community, we find some way of moving past this "Black Friday" and find the ability within ourselves to start to work together. Hard to believe that we still haven't been able to figure out that we need to work together or we all will continue to suffer. Sad.

Huge props to Les Dickens for showing the Full Contact Films crew an awesome time on Thursday and Friday. "For the record" ... Les and his team are a class act. I'm quite certain that we haven't heard the last from them.


Les is the man. He truly is a class act and isnt full of empty promises like a few promoters we know.

He treted us with the best hospitality possible. I cant say enough good about him or Big Poppa Shnaake as it was worth the trip just to watch him perform.

We in PG will help you in any way we can Les.



The UGC sends all of our support and trust to you guys.Hey we`ll be very happy to have you guys on our show on dec 20 hope to see you there leslie and will beat these scumbags