For those in Toronto . . .

Quick question. I plan on going to Toronto this summer. Not sure how much training I will get in but I wouldn't mind visiting at least one school. Anyways, I need to set up the week I will be going pretty soon and I really want to set it up so I can catch Caribana.

Last time in Toronto two summers ago, I stayed for 12 days but left 2 days before Caribana started. I wanna be dancing in the streets too!!! Anybody know when it's happening and also some BJJ school suggestions anywhere in Markham or downtown Toronto.

The only school in Toronto that I have been to for BJJ is

A bunch of great guys I would not hesitate to send anyone to if they said they were going to be in Toronto and wanted to go to a BJJ school.

Caribanna weekend is the first weekend in august usually every year.
BJJ school close to Markham would be Rebellion Jiu Jitsu-Great bunch of guys there. for Markham for Downtown Toronto

You are definately welcome to come to Wagnney's club. Besides ADCC Brazil champ Wagnney Fabiano, we also have Mark Bocek, who just started teaching here. And if you are lucky Leo Santos will be here teaching as well. It's not much of a drive and their is public transport.

Thanks for the info guys. Anybody know how I can find out for SURE when Caribanna goes on? I know it's still several months away . Maybe I'll e-mail the city or something.

I've heard great things about Fabiano, thanks for the info.

Caribana is the first weekend (long weekend as well)
in August.

Shah Franco Martial Arts, Mid-town Toronto @ 3385
Yonge St (north of Lawrence Ave) at Golfdale Rd.


Shah Franco, BJJ black belt under Sylvio Behring,
five brown belts, a bunch of purples, a bunch of
blues, and TONS of whites!

Be careful of "Kash No really baby, I'm supposed to do this K" though, he's a little free with his hands I hear.


Dougie, wrong thread see Jhr's Congrats! Rlmaximus and Gene thread


White Tiger BJJ
570 King st. w. #102 (king/spadina)