For those that have forgotten

Randy defeated Chuck in all aspects of there fight. So this is mainly for those people saying all he can do is use the fence. He stood with one of MMA's top strikers and beat him at his own game. And than after he beat Chuck at his game Randy finished him off doing what he does best. Here is a pic beating Chuck at his own game


Randy is the man there is no doubt.

After he beat Chuck at his own game he beat Tito at his own game. Then he takes Vitor out of his game and destroys him. Randy beat the 3 young guns in the LHW division of the UFC. Randy is the man and will go down in history as one of the all time greats.

He does use the same technique, and nobody who has fought him recently has been able to stop him from doing so. Chuck, Tito, and now Vitor three of the best LHW there is could not stop the technique he uses over and over and over again to win. Why should he change. Stop him and maybe he will change.

I definitely agree with that last point TM.

Couture is the man.

Yeah, the whole cage thing sucks. But Vitor had opportunties to avoid the cage... He kept backing up! He wasn't the aggressive Vitor that we all like.

Dont forget he outboxed the dogshit out of Vitor there first match up also