For those who downloaded IKUSA

The torrent has been taken down so please continue to seed it. Next up: Shooto 2003 Best Vol. 1.

Sweet. THANK YOU! I'm a little behind, I finished the March Shooto tonight and just started on the IKUSA. I'm still seeding Shooto and will do the same for the IKUSA.

I'm loving that format, that's the way to go, DVD.

No prob attjack.

Guys ur gonna have to wait on the others. Having some trouble getting the size of the other dvds done low enough to fit on a dvdr. Ill keep u posted. DVD shrink isnt doing the job n dont wanna have to take out the audio.

TTT for bringing the goods to the masses! This is one good way to make the sport grow.

Ryan, next fight maybe it would be fitting to come to the ring as Santa Claus;-)