For those who have experienced spine/disc injuries

I have a question for those who have experienced issue with their spine/discs as I have seen a couple discussions on the topic.

Do you know what in particular caused you to start having disc issues? Rolling, weight lifting (specific exercises), accident, etc.

If there is any advice you could give to people who want to prevent these types of injuries what would it be? Phone Post


Anyone? Phone Post

I have 2 bulgibg disks in my lower back & one in my neck. From years of judo, eccaserbated by my work.

Best advice is learn to tie your lower back in with your hips, so that you bend with your legs & not with your lower back. It takes a bit to learn to do it thus way. Keep your back strong. Toe touch type stretches are actually bad (even tho it feels good). Cat stretch (morning salutation in yoga?) Is good.

#1 don't try to just gut out back problems. Rest when hurt. My PT guy is amazing, giving my life back to me, but I wont ever be able to train like I used to. Phone Post