For those who want to know

Great site I found;

Articles by Rabbis and regular guys, weekly Torah portion, many of the texts I have refered translated into english (I do not know if this a recognized JPS translation but I will still use it), Jewish ethics, etc.


For Rev and others who are VERY familar with spiritual texts and the needs of people, I'd like your opinon on Duties of the Heart (note: I find it quite a hard read compared to other texts since the author jumps between estoeric and practical styles on a whim.). Others wishing to get a POV on early Judaism should read the Ethics of the Fathers. It is a short book containing Jewish sayings and a law summary. It was written down I believe in 300CE because commoners complained they did not have the time to sit a read through volume after volume of Talmud. I've read through the whole thing in under an hour at times.


sounds very interesting..i'll look into them.

MS I'm curious to know, how much have you studied Christianity. At sem. we studied a little Judiasim and had a crash course in Hebrew, but not much. I wonder if your religious studies are similar?

yours in Yehoshua


I never went to Yeshiva or Cheder. I went to a Jewish day school for primary and attended shul classes when ever I could since then.

I've talked with members of my uni's Christian Fellowship, a few local Christian leaders, you guys, and I've read some parts of the NT (two of the gospels, revelations, etc.)


I'll check it out later, but please bug me about it till I do, i forget things a lot. A result of many blows to the head I am sure.

the rev


I could get as much out of that site as a Chinese limerick.

Is there an English version?