For trade. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ---

Hey guys, I picked up the DVD version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. yesterday and tried to install it on my PC today. It installed, and said I had more than enough of everything to run it, however, the game keeps freezing up and locking up my system. I could probably mess with it and get it to work, but I'd rather just go play GRAW 2 or Guitar Hero on 360. Is anybody interested in making a trade? I'm willing to ship S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game to some one (DVD Rom version) for the purchase of a year long blue name on this forum ($29.95). Leave me a post if your interested, or shoot me an e-mail,

I'll cover shipping cost, they are barely used. I took the disc out, put it in my computer, realized it didn't work, and put it back into the case.

Nobody is interested? I think this game is going to $49.95 (DVD version) in stores, and this is your chance to get it for $29.95!


if you don't get anyone to take you up on this, try this website to help you get stalker running, I know on my pc I had to select Static Lighting and do some console tweaks and download the patch to get it to run right, once I did I found the game a little slower than an average shooter (not an rpg fan at all), but once I got everything going it was pretty damn fun with the shotty. good luck.

Shit, go to ebay or something

NO offense, but who would buy a computer game online? U can download them before they are even released.

I'm always afraid to download games. I've been stuck with a few nasty virus's before when tryign to download illegal files.

Is this a joke?

GREYFOX - Do you use Anti-Virus software?

Yeah, I use AVG Anti-Virus, but there are so many damn virus and spyware stuff out there that, it's nearly impossible for it to be up-to-date at all times.

Jack, why would you think this is a joke? Because I bought the actual game at a store instead of illegally downloading it?

I haven't had many responses, so I might go to Wal-Mart and try the "this thing don't work" angle.

Because you're trying to sell it on the OG & you're afraid to download viruses.

I'm not really trying to sell it, I was trying to trade it for a blue name. I'm not afraid of downloading viruses as much as I am about spending hours looking for a legit download (legit, not legal, lol), and then spending another couple of hours trying to get it to run correctly on my computer.