? for Vintage guitar experts

I was recently on a trip in the midwest where I picked up an original 1953 Fender Telecaster.

I brought it to a vintage guitar shop and they made me an offer but I want to get as much as I can for it. Anyone have any suggestions on where to go?

two words. e...Bay.... There are tons of collectors buying/selling on eBay and collector guitars fetch a pretty penny.

Do some research though. I've seen early Tele's go for $$$$ over the years. Look at items that have already sold to see how much they brought. Then set your reserve at the number you would be happy receiving.

^^^ correct.

Never never never never never try to sell anything to a guitar shop. Ever.

Good day.

53, you say.

Does it have the original black pickguard? Is it the Fender or the Squire? The 53 Squires actually sell for more than the Fender.

I know a 53 Squire Tele in mint can go for $10,000 easily.

It has the original bakelite pickguard. It's a Fender

I thought it would be tough to move on ebay.

Post it on the Soundground.

Post pics.

How does it play?

Is it a nocaster?

Nope, it's a tele

Those things are a dime a dozen and I heard they cause cancer. You really need to get that out of your house as soon as possible. Email me and I'll do it for you. I won't even charge you much.

sounds like a plan deach.

It looks like its in horrible shape.

Lets us know how much you get for it.

It's actually not in horrible shape. The only 2 faults are the refinishing and that humbucker fiasco.. Understood those are big faults but I wouldn't say it's in horrible shape.

So far I've been offerred $8500, not sure what I should really get for it.

Someone should be castrated for putting a humbucker on a tele and the mod will definately decrease the value of the guitar.

^^Bull has nailed the correct. Putting a humbucker in a vintage Tele is like putting a lift and mudders on a Lambo. Pure unadulterated blasphemy. It looks like the perp used a chainsaw to rout the body for the hum.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lmao

Shen buddy, re-read the thread and check out the link to the thread with pics I posted on the soundground... I'd love to hear your opinion if you really are in the biz.

Funny. The Fender website says that the Tele was first manufactured in 1951. If I'm doing the math correctly, that would TWO years before 1953. Maybe shen is thinking of the Strat...which was not manufactured until 1954. Luthier, huh?

Maybe all the collectors have their history wrong.

"In the 1940s, southern California inventor Leo Fender realized that he could improve on the amplified hollow-body instruments of the day by using an innovative and rather simple solid-body electric guitar design. Further, he realized that he could streamline the process of building them.

In 1951 he introduced a prototype solid-body instrument that would eventually be called the TelecasterĀ® guitar. The TeleĀ®, as it was often called then and still is today, was the first solid-body Spanish-style electric guitar to be commercially mass-produced"

Taken directly from Fender's website. I'll take their word over yours.

shen is just being cute pummelgear, don't take him seriously


That's what I have to say about that humbucker mod. Jesus Motherfucking Christ!!