??? for wrekker or PR

Hey guys question for you.

I go to Foxwoods once every week or 2 and I always do pretty well. Now normally I go from 11pm to about 3-4am ( married with kids). I play the $1-2 and am consistantly making $$, but I can only seem to double my buy-in($100) Meaning I sit down at 11pm w$100 and when I get up to leave(3am) its always $190-230.

I know this is not a bad return on my investment with the relitive short time at the table butI have some pals that make it to $600 in the same time frame but take alot more chances.

Well my question is am I better off like I am, simply doubling up with little risk of losing or attempt to make or with greater risk.

could you clarify your goals? are you building a roll or are you just playing for fun?

so...you are winning...and still bitching.....please go play in traffic......or maybe just move up limits.....

also, consistently making 12 big bets or $24 an hour isn't bad at all.

You guys changed your screen names. Which one is PR and which is wreckker?

i'm both and niether......

i'm a little bit of both....

limit or no limit? 12BB/hr is pretty damn good at limit, I think. Maybe your
friends are making nonrepresentative swings?

man, at 1-2, the rake should be eating u alive. is that 1-2 nl, im assuming it is.
playing limit live needs to be at least 5-10 and above with the rake eating u up, im not so sure about nl tho, perhaps its time to move up

Sorry yes its $1-2 NL , building my bankroll, yes I will now go play in traffic


I was tired when I made this.....

mfah, it depends.

I assume, losing a couple hundred bucks wont kill you, and that you are tryign to improve at poker.

Well you friends are certainly taking more chances and that's why they get paid off more.

Doyle Brunson said, "You have to give action to get action."

This means that if you play super tight, people, even the bad players, are going to realize that and always assume you had a good hand. So this means you wont really win any huge pots unless you have a big hand over big hand situation.

It isnt bad to be really tight. However, you can actually take advantage of your image by bluffing. You're bluffs will be much more successful than your friends because of your tight image.

Now I'm not talking about a crazy complicated bluff. Here's an example.

You pick up AQ. You raise to like $10 and get two callers. The flop is T43. You bet $20, and one guy calls and one guy folds.

The turn is a king. This is the key card for you... it is a scare card, because it is an overcard to the board. This is where you bluff. Look at the texture of the board... does the guy have a piar or a draw? If you started with $100, you should have $70 left... the pot is also about $70. So go ahead and shove all-in.

Now say the guy has QT or JJ. It's tough for him to call if he realizes you are very tight. If he has a draw then it's incorrect for him to call a pot size bet (some people will call anyway).

I mean sometimes buddy will have a set like 44, or KT and hit his two pair on the turn and you'll get stacked.

I can talk more about this stuff, let me know if you have any questions.

A well-timed bluff can make a big difference to a reall tight player's wins.

If you're a rock by nature, play limit. If you were born to gamble play NL. If you're a born loser, play either.