Forbes' list of "coolest beers"

Coolest, I guess, as in "best."

Forbes list of "coolest beers"

There's only been a couple of these that I've tried... Sierra Nevade Pale Ale and the Chimay. Mostly foreign beers here, with a few American craft brews.

What do you guys think? Any severe oversights here?

If "coolest" = best, then it's a pretty weak list, to me. I've had 13 of those beers, with the Franziskaner Hefe, Anchor Liberty and Young's Barley Wine being the the best of them.

Lame list. Coolest beers? Wtf ever.

It isn't very imaginative to be sure. The Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale is nice. Alot of the Imports are pretty standard...although I haven't tried all of them.

Grolsch sucks.

This has 2 things in common with most uninformed beer lists I see. 1- The beers are either slightly-upclassed imports (Chimay, Franziskaner), or microbrew beers from the pub around the corner from the author's house that like 3 people have tried. Gives a sense of exclusivity to the list for people who don't know anything. For those of us who do, it just looks stupid. 2- The descriptions are generally poor to fair, like someone read a beer for dummies book and just got drunk.

I just read through the descriptions. He called Young's Old Nick a stout.

His bio says he's Forbes' resident oenophile. He should stick to writing about wine.

Alpo!!! You watch you mouth say Grolsch Sucks!!!!

Actually you are kinda right. It's not anything special but I always seem to end up with some of it in my's my go to beer when I can't make up my mind.

The Grolsch Amber is fantastic. If you haven't tried it, you really should. The problem is that the beer store near me only seems to have it in the summer....then I drink twice as much.

I have not tried Grolsch Amber. I will try it, based upon your recommendation. If it sucks, I will punch you in the taint.


He didn't say what he was gonna punch you in the taint *with*.

Personally, I'd be nervous...

Damn I didn't even catch that!!!!

I actually think it's a perfect list. It says "coolest beers," not "best beers."

What would make a beer cool? It would be a beer that, when in hand, other people would think you're cool, right? Who is other people? Random people. Most would be uneducated about beer. People who see a 6-pack selling for $8 and think, wow, that must be a high class beer, then they go buy their Bud Light.

When they go to the grocery store to buy beer, what are the most common expensive beers they generally see? That's right.. Grolsch, Chimay, etc... 3/4 of the beer on that list. Keep in mind that the average person has not even tried any of them, so good beer or not, they have a mysterious and "cool" aura.

Hoegarden is nice

There wasn't any really bad beer on the list.

Lol at Young's Old Nick being Stout.

The list wasn't about the best beers available, but what would be the
coolest beers for Forbes readers to try.

Many things are cool because of the brand and it's heritage and/or it's
value relative to price.

A Ford Mustang GT might make a list of 10 coolest cars, but it certainly
isn't one of the 10 best cars in available.

See, cool for the sake of image kind of sickens me.

The image is just short hand for the qualities the product actually has.

Boddingtons really is a good creamy relatively affordable ale. The name
and the can just happen to compliment it's very British flavor.

Maybe there are better bitters out there, but they're not as easy to find
and don't provide quite the same authentic experience.

Cool = accessible without being common or boring.

You could say the same thing about almost evey other beer on the list.

ive had mosttt of them

I had the Smith beer in Vegas,and it was awesome.

Lagunitas is also great,and local to me.

No Bear Republic?

The list is seriously flawed.

" The image is just short hand for the qualities the product actually has."

I disagree... Fat Tire, for example, has become wildly popular and very 'cool' to like, judging by the people who drink it religiously, but it's only a mediocre beer at best. Its success a product of fashion and marketing, not quality.