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Russian President watched demonstrations on Japanese martial arts in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow with the famous fighter Fedor Emelianenko, Olympic wrestling
great Alexander Karelin, & Olympic Silver Medalist judoka Alexander Mihaylin


Putin watched demonstrations on Japanese martial arts in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow - November 8, 2014

MOSCOW, November 8. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Saturday Minor Luzhniki sports arena, where they held demonstrations of Japanese martial art houses "Nippon Budokan". The event took place in the framework of the Russian-Japanese exchanges in the field of martial arts.

Putin watched with interest the struggle of the students in the discipline of sumo, who fought on the mat inside the green circle. Athletes demonstrated not only the special fighting techniques, but also remarkable stretching to the applause of the hall, sitting on a cross twine.

Besides sumo president also looked appearances on such subjects as Araki Kempo, Aikido, and also popular in Russia Kendo - Martial Arts on bamboo swords, which are held in a special armor. However, the most colorful performance was a demonstration of the ancient art of samurai s?dzitsuken rikaitiryu Kachu Battojutsu. In this discipline the four Japanese athlete dressed in samurai armor and helmets demonstrated the art of handling real swords, at the end of performances severing imaginary opponent, who performs the role of a roll of paper on a special stand.

Watching the performances Putin actively discussed them with the head of the Japanese delegation, Masahiko Komura, and sitting next to athletes Fedor and Alexander Mihaylin judoka. After the speech of the Japanese samurai, the president left the Luzhniki, without waiting for a little demonstration performances in judo, which he enjoys himself.

The event was held at the Luzhniki Stadium, with the support of the Ministry of Sports and the Government of Moscow. In addition to the progress of the speeches of President also watched sports minister Vitaly Mutko, the mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, and other officials.
Putin visited the performances on the Japanese martial arts in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

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