Forearm Max?

I am a cube jockey, and always looking for some execercise devices I can get away with using at work.

I saw an ad for the forearm max ( and curious if anyone has tried it.


When I went to see just what this thing was, I was surprised to see that I actually own one of these things. I bought mine many years ago, under a different name. It is an all right product. The limiting factor is that it is not adjustable (at least mine isn't). Some of my stronger friends could crush this thing, first try. For me (having multiple wrist injuries etc) it is challenging and somehwat effective.

It appears they are now marketing several levels. The springs (in mine) are not too smooth, which means the movement can be a bit choppy at times.

I would say...Save your money.


I just bought a Dyna-Flex Lighted Gyro Ball at REI for $12 on sale (sale is over). That and other devices are shown on
I like it, good for grip and my forearms burn afterwards, so it must be working something. To add an extra challenge, try using it in your left hand while writing with your right (or vice-versa for you lefties). Go ahead...I dare you!

The big bonus is that the flashing lights are more entertaining than my boss's monologues!


Ivanko gripper, imo.

I should have listened to TAKU.

It sucks.

Not very fluid with the movement, and feels like a better trap/ shoulder work than forearms.

Also, I must be a tard because I cant seem to get the Gyro ball moving for long. (breathes through mouth)

Pito Chueco - Also, I must be a tard because I cant seem to get the Gyro ball moving for long. (breathes through mouth)
legit LOL


 I second the Ivanko Gripper. Iron Woody has a nice selection of grip products.


HI KKM -  any good devices you guys recommend while working? my office job has a lot of downtime and i'd love to work out during then.

At my office me and two co workers do forearms on Tues and Thrus.

We use the old school broom stick, string and plates.

We mix it up, so on Tuesday, we do light 10 sets, then on Thursday we load it up and do 5 sets.

Usually we do it during conference calls etc when we can mute the headset or something.

It definitly helps, and also passes the time. I am thinking of some other office workout ideas, but dont want to push it too far and seem like I am spending too much time hitting the bricks on the clock.