I wrote on Lee's thread yesterday that i'd take pics of my forearm and put em up here. The pics are real fuzzy, and yes, i was in a public bathroom. The mirror was dirty and it's hard to take pics of your own forearm.

Anyway.... Ages ago, Geoff put of a pic of himself lifting a big ass rock and his forearms looked gigantic. I always wanted to have forearms like that. I didn't actually train.... but they grew anyway. Here they are:*4ArA8QrlGKVKFdslnXky6Tr6KEKu*t1qVWBeY*DkZfHQL5G2oWIt5oYvM*QR48Vnss9I4SaV9e9Gnf7zrDZ8yTkcGQU/Dscf0005.jpg?dc=4675453050070438526*4ArA8ZrF7AngV1B!9dc8H9JBuT7dK7jzIIZ9ZxTyzGGlScwu9aRnxGSkqNIsY635jxw1SI4IpzLU91Teo2Rf5nrCSak/Dscf0006.jpg?dc=4675453050141405702

That should do the trick. Long enough URL's?


Pretty sick. You're a vascular SOB.

Yeah... i had to flex for a while to get that shit going. Its not like that when i just walk around, but it gets pretty nasty, pretty quick.


have a glass of red wine and try your picture again. Your veins will look even crazier. Wine helps to temporarily dilate your blood's a bodybuilder photoshoot trick. Some guys try glycerol but the wine works even better........

I do not beleive that my viens could look any crazier then they do when i do curls, or after a set of cleans when im holding the weight and resting between reps. Busting out of my skin.

Thanks for the tip though.


Awesome pics! Thanks.


Dude, you could donate blood from those veins in your forearms.

And where exactly do YOU donate blood from?

hmmmmm no girl heh? :P

lol, my only question is "why in the hell were you taking self pictures in a public restroom mirror?"

Hmm... i posted yesterday but it didnt stick.

Nurses taking blood love me. They say "you can drive a truck through those veins."


I actually have a girl that's waaaaay hotter then i deserve. That's pure genetics and BJJ.


I had other mirrors, but they all had tables in front of them, and the pics turned out shitty. Those were the best ones beleive it or not.

The building was closed! i swear!



a few years back, I ended up in the hospital right after having cut a lot of weight (the hospital stay wasn't related to the cutting weight) and I was given a big fat shot of demerol.. I'm 24, and have never had even a drink of alcohol.. so demerol whooped my ass... the doctor banded off my arm, and my forearm exploded with veins, as the doctor said "Well, this should be easy", I responded with "why's that?" to which he told me "well, you've got really big veins". In my totally wasted state, I turned to my dad 'n said "see! doc thinks I'm totally ripped!"


LOL! nice story. I've had a little alchohol (read: a few sips) throughout the course of my life. It's not really for me.


No. Read above.