Foreign Muslims smell sooooo nasty

I'm not trying to troll, I swear, but I was just in Wal Mart behind a Pakistani Muslim family. HOLY JESUS did they smell like body odor. Just rancid. I couldn't move, I was sandwiched in. Its not the first time its happened either. I think they are Muslims, maybe Indian? The Americanized ones shower frequently, cuz I was banging this hot Indian girl a while ago, and she didn't smell. I wonder if they think I stink cuz I wear cologne? Is it acceptable in their culture to have ZERO hygiene or what?

The OG at its OGest.

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U stink to them just like them to you...let me explain why. A persons diet has A LOT to do with how they smell... your difference in diet emerges through ur pores of your if u live in a culture that uses a lot of spices like cury, or garlic, or whatever in their food, these people will have a distinct "smell" to them because of that diet. That is why foreigners are percieved to smell tends to do with their diet, as opposed to their showering as everyone says.

Slyboogie...the thing is...if I don't put on deodorant, or use scented soap, or cologne...I still don't smell. I smell like nothing. Its because I shower. These people fucking reeked. Like gagging reeked. This wasn't a slight nuance that varies from culture to culture. Its body odor at its worst. MAYBE its the curry seeping out through their rotten armpits. MAYBE. But its still body odor, regardless.

Maybe they would make good MMA fighters. They wouldn't have to resort to fancy escapes on the ground. They could just smother their armpit in their opponent's face. I don't think that smelling bad is against the UFC or Pride rules. Just eat some egg sandwiches and some bean burritos a few hours before your match and let out some nasty ones while the man is in your guard. The MF gonna pass out before he taps. If he wants to stand up then just keep letting them rip so no part of the ring/octagon is safe. If you can't breathe, you can't fight. If anybody wants to argue this point then I dare you to let somebody fart in your face while applying a triangle choke and see what happens.

go to europe and semll the europeans, fuk they stink. euro women also dont shave