Foreman Really in Negotiatons

The Associated Press is reporting that George Foreman and Don King have agreed on a deal that would see Foreman paid a whopping $20 million for a comeback fight that would commemorate the 30-year anniversary of his legendary fight with Muhammad Ali in Zaire. The 54-year old Foreman had been hinting about a comeback in the last several weeks, but many experts disregarded the talk due to the seemingly unrealistic weight Foreman set as a prerequisite for such a fight. Foreman indicated that he would only take another fight if he could drop down to 225 pounds, a full 25 pounds lighter than the relatively (for him) svelte 250 pounds that he weighted when he fought Michael Moorer to win the title at the age of 45 in 1994, and nearly 20 pounds lighter than he weighed for any of his fights from his 'second career.' (More)
Tuesday, February 17 2004