foremans getting 20 million?!

i read in the paper today that for his comeback, george foreman will be getting 20 million bucks! is that insane? he's 55 for gods sake! this is why mma will never overtake boxing. too many retards will pay to see an old burger hawker fight!

Randy 40... You have a point? If the guy can still fight, then let him fight.

As to MMA overtake boxing, that won't happen anytime soon. Also, the sports work differently for entertainment value. Not many MMA bouts last 36mins, nor do most have the full exchanges that boxing has. Finally, Boxing is easy to understand, you don't have to study boxing to understand that a fist to the face hurts... MMA however takes some knowledge to really enjoy.

A fucking joke! Who the hell cares.

Those are some really good points Profit.

Profit, those are some very valid points. Some I haven't thought of before.

The trick now is, how do we take Profit187's points and use them to better our sport?

Profit is the man... It is SOOOOO good to see other people on here making thoughtful comments.

Two different sports completely. Comparable because they are both prize-fighting, but different in principle and philosphy...

Anyway, go get'em George...

This shows that American boxing is king in combat sports.

Nothing else comes close in profit generation...

"i guess he needst the$$$ "

the last thing George Foreman needs is more money. He has made a SHITLOAD of $$$ from his boxing and post boxing career.

He doesn't need the money. He needs the attention that he can only get from stepping into the ring. That rush from the crowd is the thing that keeps fighters from walking away when they should.

That, and seeing guys at the top that you know how to beat, makes it very tempting to return. Nevermind the fact that although you probably do know how to beat them, physically you're not capable of actually carrying it out.

Hard to admit that the one thing in life you excelled at, is now gone and that you're no longer special.

who's he fighting?

No one sneezes at 8 figure income. He may not _need_ the money, but I'm sure he'll find a use for it.

this is all dependent on george losing 40 lbs and getting down to fight weight - around 230. he said this himself. it shouldn't be too hard to run on a treadmill for 6 months for 20mil..


History Youth & CommunityCenter 2202 Lone Oak. Houston, TexasIf you would like to send a donation you can send it to: The George Foreman Youth & Community CenterP.O. Box 14267Humble, Texas 77347 A mugger and street brawler at age 15, GEORGE FOREMAN saw his life going nowhere but from one cheap bottle of wine to another. After President Lyndon Johnson had started the JOB CORPS, George saw an athletic idol on a television commercial saying, "If you have dropped out of school and want a second chance in life, then the JOB CORPS is for you." Since George wasgoing nowhere and getting there fast he took the first step-off to Oregon and then on to California where he met Doc Broaddus, a JOB CORPS counselor and boxing coach, who told George to redirect his life from alley fighting and dedicate himself to a single task - boxing; he (George) had the potential to be a world champion. In 1968, after winning the Gold Medal in the heavyweight division of the Olympics, George walked around inside the ring waving a miniature American flag. When asked, "Why,?" George said, "I wanted everyone in the world to know I was an American and proud of the opportunity that I was given to do what I had done." In January, 1973, GEORGE FOREMAN became the Professional HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD. The Man With a VisionBig George built The George Foreman Youth & Community Center in 1984 with money Foreman had saved through his eight year retirement. Big George wanted to create a haven for kids to hang out. He insisted that the kids would not be in any way indoctrinated - he just wanted the kids to come. The youth center was one of George's biggest inspirations to jump back into the ring. After a successful year of support, Foreman's accountant told him that hewould go broke if he continued to use his own money to support the center. Foreman had no intentions of giving up or begging for money to support the center. He knew that he would have to do it himself. Big George jumped into the ring a year later. The rest is history.Like many guys who have made MONEY, George can spend it. But he has spent millions to benefit others. More power to him.

I would pay to see George fight again, and so would MILLIONS of other people. 20 million dollars is a fair purse for him because of all the people who will tune in and buy the $75 ppv.

the guy had pulling power, plain and simple. ALot of people are gonna complain "whats that old fuck getting 20 mil for!?"

But guess what, george can probably still hit harder than any heavyweight out there, and is still entertaining to watch

the guy had pulling power, plain and simple. ALot of people are gonna complain "whats that old fuck getting 20 mil for!?"

But guess what, george can probably still hit harder than any heavyweight out there, and is still entertaining to watch

Big george is the man, if he has it in then fuck it let him fight. Goodluck to him!

George's style is based upon those big powerful punches, I'm sure he still hits very hard. Foreman by KO.

Gary Hughes