Foreskin "restoration" is a thing? lol

I was watching one of those weird lonely, lazy millennial soyboy vids on YouTube and that was one of his hardships of life. As he’s going down the list whining gets to his struggles with being circumcised and how he’s dealing with it. Listened for a few seconds, laughed and clicked a different video.

Really don’t need to hear some weird fucker talk about his dick issues. There’s really dudes sitting around fretting over their stolen foreskin and trying to rebuild it? Who here is like that? There has to be someone, show yourself! We will help you in your journey for foreskin redemption!

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I don’t think you’re thinking it through, Peter.

I foresee a booming industry emerging that provides custom-shaped, designed, and colored hoods. Maybe they can even add a little length along with it.

i don’t think you’ve done your research spice. the first step starts with manual stretching.

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lol. Maybe it could be a goldmine some lucky special Plastic Surgeon. The shaft grafter.

All this bullshit virus research should have gone into foreskin restoration. Fetal cells will regrow a foreskin. I’m sure of it.

When the dude in the original video I saw mentioned that, I knew it was time to go.

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You can already buy fake rubber ones. Too late!

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I would prefer a crocheted version.

Dick Surgery? NO Thanks

People that are so butthurt about being circumcised that they’ll have elective surgery to go back are pathetic. Get a fucking life.

man skin GIF

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no shit. especially since it’s solely for aesthetic reasons. there’s a debate over whether or not you lose sensitivity after a circumcision, but you aren’t going to get it back by a reconstruction. the damage is done. unless they’re doing some sort of nerve restoration i haven’t heard of, which i can’t imagine we’re capable of yet. more than likely, you’ll just lose more sensation if anything.

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It’s principle based. They want what’s theirs.

This place never ceases to amaze me